Saturday, September 8, 2012

Our Version of Brave...

I'm back!  I figured I would get in another installment before Miss ZoĆ« joins the mix...

After a morning of meet and greets, we decided to have lunch at Tangerine Cafe'.  Gregg had one of the platters (can't remember) and Belle had a huge plate of chicken nuggets.  I had asked for a child's chicken nugget plate, but ended up with a plate of 20 nuggets.  Weird.  But I liked them, so we just shared as a family.

Then Belle asked to ride 'the big ball'.  It ended up being her favorite ride of the trip.  I cannot begin tell you how many times we rode Spaceship Earth.

She was excited to be enjoying the rides, so we decided to brave 'Nemo'.  It was a ride that we had never done.  We weren't interested when on our adult trips and had a TERRIBLE sensory meltdown on Belle's only child trip.  I was shocked when we boarded with no issues.

We got stuck in front of the jelly fish.  They were pretty and I was thanking my lucky stars that we hadn't been stuck in front of that toothy shark.

Afterwards we explored every inch of The Seas exhibit.  Evie really liked it, too.

We made it through Turtle Talk with Crush and Belle was even chosen to ask a question.  She wanted to know how mermaids poop, but got embarrassed and asked something silly instead, like 'How do turtles swim?'

The girls were getting sleepy, so we took a break and let them nap.  

After that we shopped the entire World Showcase.  We were killing time before dinner.

I loved this little pig mug in Japan.

Before dinner Belle shocked us- she wanted to ride Maelstrom.  What?!?!  We never saw that coming in a million years!

She rode it and ENJOYED it.  The trolls were ugly and she didn't like looking at them, but she thought the rest was great.  Yay!  Welcome to The 'We Heart Norway' Club, Belle!

FINALLY.... dinner time.  I think that was the longest we had ever stayed in a park, including our adult only trips.  We were worn out!

Belle had a sweet moment with big Belle.  She introduced her to baby Belle.

Then they posed!  (This picture makes me realize what a great Belle my friend Lori would make.)

I am obsessed with the cold buffet at Akershus.  This is a must do for me every trip!  It's fish and dips galore!  I think I went back for thirds.  

Gregg bought Belle a light up Tinkerbell straw to celebrate her birthday.  It was a huge hit!

Gregg had the grilled pork tenderloin with Yukon gold mashed potatoes, haricots verts, and whole-grain mustard sauce.

I had the Traditional Kjottkake-  Norweigian meatballs served with Mashed Potatoes, seasonal Vegetables, and Lingonberry Sauce.

Princess Time!

Snow White was our favorite.

Poor Belle was such a mess from being in the park all day.

We loved watching all of the little girls parade around in their costumes.

And after dessert, we big Epcot adieu.  It was a very long, but wonderful day.

We we arrived back at the resort, Evie was running a seriously high fever.  We immediately put her in the bathtub and decided to change our plans for the next day.  It was obvious that she needed to see a doctor.  Poor baby!  

Evie was only sick once in her entire first year.  This was it.