Monday, September 26, 2011

Time to Dine! (Breakfast and Lunch)

Please excuse my absence. 

I'm sure you all read my blog so you know that I've been dealing with PPD and that my Papa passed away. 

But now I'm back...  and with a list of ADR's (dining reservations)!!!  So without further adieu...

With the exception of Akershus, we are trying new or non-regular restaurants.  Gregg was very involved in dining plans and I'm really excited about our choices.

I'm going to break down our choices by meals.

Only one ADR.  No surprise. I'm really the only breakfast lover in our family.
Lilo, Stitch and Friends Character Breakfast

Where we will dine on a feast of Hua Paka (scrambled eggs) Uala Kahik (potatoes) and Pua'a (sausage). 

Plus other yummy items such as a pastry basket, fresh fruit and fruit juice.

I have always heard great reviews on this breakfast, so I'm really looking forward to it.  This will be our only Mickey meal for the trip.  Belle will love meeting Lilo and Stitch.

We also only booked one lunch.  I'm not sure how Evie's nap times will fall, so I didn't want to chance too many lunch dates.

Coral Reef

I chose Coral Reef for one reason- Lobster Ravioli.  YUMMY!!!

We are a seafood loving family, so I have high hopes for this lunch.

Next week I'll post our Dinner ADR's.  :)

To check out menu's at any Disney Restaurant visit

Monday, September 5, 2011

Pre-Trip Monday- Who, What, When & Where

So, yes...  we are a family of Disney-holics.

This trip was birthed during a post-church lunch at a really good Tex-Mex restaurant.  Earlier that morning, a friend of Gregg's had joked with him about taking time off of work (as G tends to work very hard and a lot.)  During lunch he casually mentioned Disney World and we discussed Free Dining dates.  He told me to call and check into the dates when we got home.  In my mind, there's nothing casual about planning a vacation, so as soon as the girls (and Gregg) were down for their Sunday naps I dialed 1-407-.....


We are bringing my sister along to help with the girls.

What & When

This will Stevi's 5th trip, Gregg's 3rd, Belle's 2nd and Evie's 1st.  I lost count a lllooonnnggg time ago.

Our girl's will be celebrating milestone birthdays next spring and we can't think of a better place to be.

The Best Part...


It's a surprise. 

Belle has no idea.


We hadn't planned on visiting Disney as a family again until our youngest was almost 3.  (You know, right before you actually have to pay for them...)  Therefore, I've been a bit out of the loop.

 Once the house was quiet, I casually called to check on dates and resorts.  Gregg's favorite resort is Port Orleans Riverside, so I checked into it first.  I nearly fell off the chair when the cast member told me about the new princess themed rooms.

Minutes later, the trip was booked.  How could I turn down a princess room?