Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morning on the Monorail...

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful sunrise and beautiful view.

I loved watching Magic Kingdom wake up.

We had breakfast in the lounge.  Again, very standard.  Cereal, bagels, pastries, fruit and oatmeal.  (However, the oatmeal was some of the best we have ever had.  We all ate a big bowl.)

Evie was fever free and seemed to be feeling fine.  She was in a fantastic mood.

Belle was begging to ride the monorail, so we took the girls for a spin around the track... in their pj's.

All was well until we were just about the pull back in to the Contemporary.  Then we stopped.  A monorail at the TTC was having mechanical problems.  We were stuck on the track for about 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, a not-so-kid-friendly couple were stuck in the car with us.  They weren't rude, but I could tell that they weren't loving the experience like we were.

While we were stuck we played 'find out room' with Belle.

(That's our room at the top on the end.)

Sadly, after we returned it was time to pack up and ship out.

We still can't believe that we were upgraded to a suite and are so thankful to concierge for making our stay so special.

Check in at Port Orleans Riverside was pretty chaotic- and it was my own fault.  I waited in line only to realize that my ID was back in the van.  UGH!!!

We were assigned to Acadiana in the Mansion's.  I was a little leery at first, but it ended up being a great location (once we found it).

We had a ground floor garden view.  The ground floor we loved, the garden view we appreciated.  It was lovely and we were right across from the pool and main building.

Our room was...

I wanted to take pictures of the room, but I was being rushed back out the door.  So this is what I have...

We were all really hungry for lunch, so we headed across the bridge to Riverside Mill...

Up Next:  Lunch at Riverside Mill, Hollywood Studios & 50's Prime Time

Monday, March 5, 2012

A Suite Evening...

Welcome to our 'humble' home for the night....

It was hard to get a picture of the foyer.    It was very larger.  There were two closets and Belle had the best time hiding in them.

Notice the cute 'little girl' towel friend. 

To your immediate right was the first bathroom.  It was a full bath with a huge shower.

Our living area.  The couch made into a full size bed.  That was Belle's domain.

We didn't get a great picture of the bedroom.  The bedroom was bigger than our whole room at PO Riverside.  Haha!  We also had our own television, which was nice. 

The master bath...

I think I took 3 or 4 baths in that tub. 
The balcony off of our bedroom.

This was one of the balconies off of the living area.  
(Do you see Belle and Evie?  They spent the first hour just like that.)

And the view...

Not too bad, right?!?!?!

Soon after we arrived in our room our stroller (from Orlando Stroller Rental) and a crib were sent up to the room.

I took Belle to the 12th floor to rent a movie.  She chose Beauty and the Beast, of course.

Then we got her settled on the pull out couch while we took naps.

When we woke up we headed to the lounge for the evening offerings.

I was a little disappointed in the the selections, though I can't complain because it was beyond what we had asked for.  It just seemed like there was a greater selection at Wilderness Lodge.

That night they had crab cakes (so delicious), beef skewers, PB&J sandwiches, veggies with dip and fruit.

We enjoyed every meal on the balcony.

A while later we were still hungry, so we decided to check out Contempo Cafe.

Gregg and I split the Mahi Mahi sandwich.  It tasted funny to me (but pregnancy funny, not bad) so I mostly nibbled on fries.  Gregg thought it was pretty good.

Belle had cheese pizza.  This would become a recurring theme.  We actually had to start lying and tell her that they had run out of cheese pizza.  It was all she would eat!

While we ate dinner the Magic Kingdom started to light it.  So magical.

We really enjoyed the extra space.  Belle had fun playing with her baby dolls and Gregg and I were able to hang out on the couch and watch The Office together on Netflix. 

Soon enough it was time for Wishes.

Evie was too excited to sleep, so we wheeled her out onto the balcony in her crib.

This was hands down my favorite moment of the trip.  The girls LOVED the show.  Belle and I had plenty of room the dance to the music.  

This set the tone for Belle's 'bravery' in the upcoming days and how she would deal with her SPD.

We had enough space for her to figure things out in her head and I am so thankful for that.

Gregg and I looked at each other and said "this is a once in a lifetime moment."

Before bed we went to the lounge for dessert.  Again, the selection was pretty small - chocolate cake, strawberry shortcake in a shot glass(sooooo good) and cookies.  I may or may not have eaten four of the shortcakes.  (2 for me, 2 for the baby...)

To end the night, our two friends from concierge showed up at our door with a card for Belle from Belle and the Beast and a white chocolate Mickey Mouse for us.  They just wanted to make our stay extra special.

It was truly a wonderful day.  

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creme Brulee and Contemporary Confusion Part II

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”
Anaïs Nin

This quote was ringing through my head as I was living out the moment.  As someone who loves to write, I could not wait until I had the chance to sit down at my computer and recall one of the most exciting moments in our life.

The drive to The Contemporary Resort went quick and we were all so ready to relax in our room.

As we passed the Magic Kingdom, I tried to point out Cinderella's castle to Belle, but she missed it.

I was a little disappointed, but knew that we would get to see it from our room soon enough.

When we arrived at CR, we stopped at the gate to give our name to the guard.

"Can I see your driver's license?"  He asked Gregg.

Gregg handed it to him.

"The room is under Sunni ______?"

"That's right."

And then he grabbed his radio.

"The _______ family is here."

Gregg and I both looked at each other in confusion. 

"I guess they announce you at the deluxe resorts."  I shrugged.

When pulled up under the awning.  Gregg planned to park the car, while Belle and I went inside to check in.  (It's what we always do.)

Suddenly I heard my name.

"Mrs. _______?"


"Hi, I'm Sarah.  I'll be taking you to your room."


Now at this point I should have realized that we had been upgraded to concierge.  The thought crossed my mind, but I was still so confused.

I told her that my husband was going to park our van and he would be up soon.

"I'm afraid I will have to take all of you together.  I have the key to get you up to your floor."

SCORE!!!  We had been upgraded.

I didn't want to look like a buffoon, so I tried my best to play it cool.

"We requested a regular Magic Kingdom view."  I told Sarah.

She looked at me strange.  She was truly as confused by us as we were by her.

"Well, I have you in...."

At that point she realized that we didn't know.

"Just come with me."  She smiled.

We were whisked away to the elevators and taken up to the 14th floor.

As soon as the doors opened she took Belle's hand and said "Come with me, princess.  I want to show you the castle."

Belle was excited to see Cinderella's castle, but then she spotted the Beast's castle and lost it.

"Mommy!  Daddy!  It's my castle!  It's my castle!"

I immediately started crying.  (And I'm crying now.)  I think the man and woman working concierge might have even gotten misty eyed, as well.

We were given a tour of the lounge and helped ourselves to the afternoon snack selection.  (Iced Tea, soda and juice.  Cookies, potato chips, candy and fruit.)

Our rooms weren't quite ready, so we went out on the balcony to check out the view.

Moments later, someone approached us and asked if we were ready to see our room.

"You have a Magic Kingdom view"  He told us. 

He escorted us all the way down the hallway to the very last room.

He stopped in front of a pair of double doors.  Double doors, ya'll!  I was about to wet my pants with excitement.

I turned to Gregg and mouthed "OH MY GOODNESS!!!!" 

The doors opened up to a beautiful entry way.  An entry way bigger than the one in our home.

We were given a tour of our suite.  There were two full bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and THREE (count em) THREE balconies.

We tried to hard to keep our cool during the tour, but as soon as our friend from concierge left I started squealing with excitement.

Gregg didn't share my immediate joy.  He spent the next few minutes pacing the living room and asking "What just happened?"

Evie made herself right at home.  (Aaahhh.... crawl space at last!)

Gregg was positive that they had brought the wrong family up and that any minute they would come get us and escort us out. 

But they never did. 

It was our room to enjoy for the next 24 hours.

And that's exactly what we did....

Creme Brulee and Contemporary Confusion

Downtown Disney was finally in sight.  Our first destination.

I explained to Gregg that we would be eating in 'The Marketplace', so it would not be wise to park on the 'West End'.  So, of course, he parked far west.

Evie was sound asleep in her footie pajama's and so we gently roused her from her nap.  I had her outfit packed in the diaper bag and planned to change her once we reached the nearest restroom.

We looked like a HOT MESS climbing out of the van and making our way to lunch.

It was 80+ degrees and super humid.  People were giving me funny looks when they noticed that Evie was dressed in a flannel footie get up. (It was 40 degrees when we left Tallahassee that morning.)

We used the restroom in Pleasure Island.  We all has a few layers to peel off and Evie felt very cute in her Mickey onesie.

It was finally time for the long awaited Wolfgang Puck Express lunch.

We met our dear friend Emma on the way over.

I warned her that I would probably cry when I saw her and I totally did.  (Pregnancy does that to me.)

Emma brought Belle a Tiana wand.  Belle loves it and is still carrying it around everywhere.

For lunch Belle and I shared a pepperoni pizza.  (No picture.  We all know what that looks like.)

Emma had the pesto cheese pizza. 

Gregg had the pesto chicken sandwich.

It wasn't until I was typing this report that I realized a chicken salad sand which was in my midst.  I thought it was a chicken breast with pesto.  Had I known it was CS, I would have stolen it away.  I live for that stuff!

For dessert I had my favorite... creme brulee.

Evie had a tantalizing meal of french fries, pizza crust and creme brulee. (She was in heaven!)

During lunch the sky broke loose and it began to pour.

We ended up waiting inside for quite a while, hoping it would let up.

Eventually we ducked in to the shops next door to browse around.

It soon became very apparent that Belle was in desperate need of a nap.  (Right, Emma?  Haha!)

We decided to call it an afternoon and we made our way to the Contemporary.....

(Continued the the following post.)