Thursday, March 1, 2012

Creme Brulee and Contemporary Confusion

Downtown Disney was finally in sight.  Our first destination.

I explained to Gregg that we would be eating in 'The Marketplace', so it would not be wise to park on the 'West End'.  So, of course, he parked far west.

Evie was sound asleep in her footie pajama's and so we gently roused her from her nap.  I had her outfit packed in the diaper bag and planned to change her once we reached the nearest restroom.

We looked like a HOT MESS climbing out of the van and making our way to lunch.

It was 80+ degrees and super humid.  People were giving me funny looks when they noticed that Evie was dressed in a flannel footie get up. (It was 40 degrees when we left Tallahassee that morning.)

We used the restroom in Pleasure Island.  We all has a few layers to peel off and Evie felt very cute in her Mickey onesie.

It was finally time for the long awaited Wolfgang Puck Express lunch.

We met our dear friend Emma on the way over.

I warned her that I would probably cry when I saw her and I totally did.  (Pregnancy does that to me.)

Emma brought Belle a Tiana wand.  Belle loves it and is still carrying it around everywhere.

For lunch Belle and I shared a pepperoni pizza.  (No picture.  We all know what that looks like.)

Emma had the pesto cheese pizza. 

Gregg had the pesto chicken sandwich.

It wasn't until I was typing this report that I realized a chicken salad sand which was in my midst.  I thought it was a chicken breast with pesto.  Had I known it was CS, I would have stolen it away.  I live for that stuff!

For dessert I had my favorite... creme brulee.

Evie had a tantalizing meal of french fries, pizza crust and creme brulee. (She was in heaven!)

During lunch the sky broke loose and it began to pour.

We ended up waiting inside for quite a while, hoping it would let up.

Eventually we ducked in to the shops next door to browse around.

It soon became very apparent that Belle was in desperate need of a nap.  (Right, Emma?  Haha!)

We decided to call it an afternoon and we made our way to the Contemporary.....

(Continued the the following post.)

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