Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Morning on the Monorail...

Saturday morning we woke to a beautiful sunrise and beautiful view.

I loved watching Magic Kingdom wake up.

We had breakfast in the lounge.  Again, very standard.  Cereal, bagels, pastries, fruit and oatmeal.  (However, the oatmeal was some of the best we have ever had.  We all ate a big bowl.)

Evie was fever free and seemed to be feeling fine.  She was in a fantastic mood.

Belle was begging to ride the monorail, so we took the girls for a spin around the track... in their pj's.

All was well until we were just about the pull back in to the Contemporary.  Then we stopped.  A monorail at the TTC was having mechanical problems.  We were stuck on the track for about 20 minutes.

Unfortunately, a not-so-kid-friendly couple were stuck in the car with us.  They weren't rude, but I could tell that they weren't loving the experience like we were.

While we were stuck we played 'find out room' with Belle.

(That's our room at the top on the end.)

Sadly, after we returned it was time to pack up and ship out.

We still can't believe that we were upgraded to a suite and are so thankful to concierge for making our stay so special.

Check in at Port Orleans Riverside was pretty chaotic- and it was my own fault.  I waited in line only to realize that my ID was back in the van.  UGH!!!

We were assigned to Acadiana in the Mansion's.  I was a little leery at first, but it ended up being a great location (once we found it).

We had a ground floor garden view.  The ground floor we loved, the garden view we appreciated.  It was lovely and we were right across from the pool and main building.

Our room was...

I wanted to take pictures of the room, but I was being rushed back out the door.  So this is what I have...

We were all really hungry for lunch, so we headed across the bridge to Riverside Mill...

Up Next:  Lunch at Riverside Mill, Hollywood Studios & 50's Prime Time

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