Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Characters & Croissants

I've gotten really behind on posting over here.  Truthfully, I wanted to truly miss Disney World.  It makes writing the report so much more fun.  

Day 3 was the first and worst day of the cold snap.  It was 30 degrees that morning, so we changed our plans and stayed nice and warm in the room.  Just before lunch we ventured out and decided Epcot would be our best bet for the day.  Evie wasn't running fever and seemed to be doing okay.  

Upon entering Epcot, we ran in to a very lonely Stitch.  Belle isn't a huge Stitch fan, but I felt so sorry for him that I insisted she give him some love.  

Evie was all smiles and looking super cute in her Mickey smock.  (She hit a huge growth spurt when we got back home and was only able to wear this outfit a hand full of times.  Good thing for, Zoe!)

Since the World Showcase was just opening we decided to head that way first and meet characters.

Gregg strolled around with Evie while Belle and I stood in line.  She was awfully sassy that morning.  She was saying things like 'Mom, if you try to get in the pictures with me I will just die.' and 'Mom, please don't try and talk to them.  You will embarrass me.'  Really?!?!  I have to deal with this at 4?!?!

She watched the Aristocats several times at preschool and was super excited to meet Marie.

At that time pregnancy started rearing it's ugly head and I knew that I had to eat right then or we would all pay.  Goody for me, my absolute favorite snack in the world was right behind me.

The one and only....  ham and cheese croissant.

I scarfed it down while waiting to meet Belle.

Next up...  Aladdin and Jasmine.

Aladdin was seriously in love with Belle.  He asked her to sing him a song and she responded with a very sassy- 'Oh, Aladdin.  You know I'm not that kind of girl!'

This was one of my favorite meet and greets of the trip...

Up next....  Lunch, Shopping and a Princess Dinner

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