Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Belle finds a Valentine...

Our bellies were pretty full and heavy after our lunch at Coral Reef, so we rode two rides (Nemo and Living with the Land) and called it an afternoon.

As always, we went back to the resort for an afternoon refresher.

Sadly, during that time, Evie crawled off of the bed and scraped up her nose.  The first few days of the trip she was terribly ill and then she almost broke her nose.  Poor baby girl.

We dressed the girls up in Princess costumes and headed for the Magic Kingdom.  (I'm positive that wasn't our original plan, but with Evie being ill  for half of the trip all of my plans had flown at the window.)

Disney Snobbery at it's finest...

Ready to make Valentines Day memories...

We let the girls walk through the princess line.  I thought Cinderella was adorable.  

The princess line was very light, so they really took their time with the girls.  
They loved Belle's (little Belle) shoes.

Belle made a big fuss over their costumes and Belle's hair.  To this day the poor child can barely grow hair past her shoulders, but she think she looks just like Jasmine when I giver her a braid.  
(No bow, please.  Jasmine doesn't wear bows.)

The teacups came next.  I shared a teacup with Evie so Gregg and Belle could spin fast.

The we rode the TTA again.  Good thing we love it.

Once upon a time Gregg and I had the most delicious cheeseburgers at Cosmic Ray's.  We always go back hoping to recreate that moment, but it just doesn't happen.  

I have such a love/hate relationship with Disney burgers.

Another young family sat down next to us and had two boys the same age as our girls.  
While we traded off turns getting drinks and condiments, Belle started making friends.

Soon enough it turned in to this...

We normally don't let our four year old daughters date, but since it was Valentines Day, she will most likely never see him again and adults were present... we gave in.

For the record:  Belle's first date was on Valentines Day in the Magic Kingdom.  
She will not be allowed to date again until a future caller can top that.

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  1. lol, that Disney Snob pic is TOO CUTE. Love the princess outfits and love your outfit too!! :)