Thursday, October 20, 2011

Travel Day

I'm so thankful for this trip, ya'll!  Because of this trip, I got a brand new (to me)  car...  ahem... mini van.

One afternoon Gregg and I were discussing the travel options for this trip.  He did not want to fly, but there is no way we could fit the 5 of us, plus luggage in either of our vehicles.  

We had been looking for a car for months.  We even drove to Dallas, Tx to try and find 'the right' one for our family.  No such luck.  We just kind of gave up.

Until that afternoon, when out of pure curiosity we decided to check out used cars in our area. 

Much to our surprise someone had just traded in a barely used van that was loaded with goodies.  We had no choice but to snatch the thing up!

With that being said, it's obvious that we will be making the long drive once again.

Long, but comfortable.  ;)

These are a few items I plan to buy to entertain the kiddos-

An organizer.  This is by Sunshine Kids and it's around $15.00.  
Travel Tray by Star Kids (around $19.99)

Along with that, we will have an assortment of Disney CD's, DVD's, coloring books, puzzles, games and snacks. 

Any other suggestions?

The Plan

The plan is to have the van packed and ready to go.
Wake up at 5 am and leave before 6 am.
Stop at a few ChickFilA's along the way to let the girl's stretch their legs.
Arrive in Orlando around dinner time. :)

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