Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Stop...

It's tropical...

but it's not the Polynesian Resort.

On the first night of our trip, we will be laying down our heads at...

The Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Studios.

Doesn't it look amazing???

Gregg has never been to Universal and has always wanted to go.  I've been to Islands of Adventure and loved it.  I'm just not sure Universal Studios would interest Belle.

In fact, I think it would be a down-right disaster and that's no way to start a vacation.

With that being said, we are sticking to IoA before we head over to Disney World.

I am VERY excited about this leg of our trip, but I'll get to that in the next post.

PS- I'm thinking club level, ya'll!


  1. OOohhh...Universal's version of the Polynesian looks pretty (although I feel a little disloyal just saying that, lol! ;-) ). And club level -- sounds fun!

  2. You are going to love Royal Pacific - it's so nice! Both Universal and IOA have more for kids than I realized. My 4 year old loved both when we visited in March. You get front of the line access too as hotel guests. Have fun!