Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Let's get this Party Started...

The first official day will start bright and early.

We will eat a quick breakfast in the lounge and then head off to...

My sister is beyond excited about this part.  She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan.  Truth be known, this is probably the main reason she came along.  I can't wait to see this through her eyes.

Confession time...  Gregg and I have never watched a Harry Potter film... or read any of book series.

Don't throw darts at us!  Haha!  

We seriously need a Harryfest before we head out on vacation.  We are truly stoked about the WWOHP!  I know we would enjoy it so much more if we actually knew what we were looking at. 

Back to the plans...

I'm hoping to ride Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey  and to take Belle on Flight of the Hippogriff.

Then I'm going to take the girls back to the resort to rest while Gregg and my sister go on 'scary' rides.

We are going to meet back for lunch and family time in Seuss Landing.

Call me crazy, but I'm really hoping to eat here...

Then we will explore the park together.  Belle says that she wants to ride Ripsaw Falls, but we will see if she changes her mind once she sees how tall the drop is.  :0)

 My sister will probably head back to Seuss Landing with the girl's while Gregg and I check out the coasters.  (My sis is not a fan of thrill rides.)

Late afternoon we will pile up in the minivan and make our way to...


  1. Loving your plans!!!! I can't wait for more!!!! I'm so jealous I so want to do WWOHP!!

  2. Madison just started reading the Harry Potter books and is on book #4. Every time she finishes a book, we all watch the movie as a family. We already owned movies 1 and 2, but she got movies 3,4,5 and 6 for her birthday. She's dying to see the WWoHP!

  3. I know your plans have changed from this, but I wanted to tell you that we're going to IoA during our Disney Trip this Dec. and we are SOOOO excited about the WWOHP! It's definitely my favorite series. We both love the books and movies (but I don't think they're for kids after book/movie 4). And I'm excited about Seuss Landing (even though our baby will only be 5 months old). If yall end up going, I'm sure you'll love it.