Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Let's Revisit Day 2, shall we?

It's been a very rough morning in our household and at 9 am both of my girls are down for naps.  I think I win 'the worst mommy of day' award and it's only 10am.  UGH!

So instead of doing housework, I'm taking a break to do some reading and blogging and rejuvenating.

While I was on the DIS, I came across a super-funny trip report.  I think this girl is my long lost little sister.  Sigh. I miss trip reporting on the DIS.

As I mentioned earlier, we lost our reservation at the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique.  There are none available for our new dates at the Magic Kingdom location, so I think it's going to be a no-go for this trip.  (But honestly, it's BBB at our house every day, so......)

With that no longer an option, I got a late morning ADR at Chef Mickeys.  The girl's will wear the cute Mickey shirts that I ordered earlier this week.  Hooray for cute clothes!

After breakfast we will head over to Port Orleans to check in.  If our room is ready we will nap, if not we will head to Hollywood Studios.  (Unless Belle is dying to go elsewhere.  This is a bonus day, so we are down for anything.)

We might have dinner in the park or we might have it back at the resort. 

There is a real reason that we are starting out slowly and without a real schedule- 

 We are pretty sure that Belle suffers with Sensory Processing Disorder.  We've not had her formally diagnosed yet (starting the process this Friday), but I am taking precautions as if she were.  It will hopefully make the trip easier for her.

During the last trip she refused to ride anything indoors, but very much enjoyed outdoor rides.  At that point, we chalked it up to her being two.  However, it has become very apparent in the past year that there is more to it.  She detests birthday parties, ChuckECheese, arcades, being on stage...  The common denominator in all of these- bright lights and/or loud noises.  

I ordered a pair of pink 'ears' that help with her sensitivity to loud sounds.

We are also going to bring sunglasses to wear around bright lights.  

Belle LOVES so much about Disney and watches the rides on YouTube.  She wants to badly to go and to be brave on the rides.  I'm hoping that the ears and glasses will allow her to do so. 

We don't have high expectations for this trip.  Aside from ADR's we are going to play it by ear and go at a relaxing pace.  

PS- The rest of the trip is a little more structured because of ADR's, so the coming posts won't be quite this boring.  :)

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