Sunday, November 13, 2011

Off to Disney World...

Back to planning, friends...

I know that I'm going pretty slow, so here's a quick run-down of our plans thus far- 

Travel Day 1-Our house to my sister's house.
Travel Day 2- Sis's house to Universal Orlando
Day 1- IOA to ...

Port Orleans Riverside, of course.

As I've mentioned before, we will be staying in the new princess themed rooms.

They are located in Parterre Place and Magnolia Bend.  
(I happen to think that these are the two most beautiful area's of POR, so I am very excited.)

I'm still not sure how I will surprise Belle regarding this trip, but I know for sure that we will surprise her with the room when we arrive at the resort.  We will let her go in first and explore.

I'm really not sure what time we will arrive for check in.  Gregg is so excited to see IOA, so I'll just let him take the lead.  My only request is that we all get to bed very early that night.

 If we arrive with time to spare, we will probably try and get a table at Boatwright's, the only sit down restaurant at Port Orleans.  We very much enjoyed it on our last trip.  It tastes like home!

And unless it's raining cats and dogs, Belle will be making an appearance on the playground.  

She loves it!

And then we will lay down our heads on our pretty princess beds and dream Disney dreams...

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