Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Best Time to Visit (In My Humble Opinion)

Because we are well-known for our love of Disney we get asked for a lot of vacation advice.  (Which is great, because I love to talk Disney.)

The most common question we get- 'When is the best time to go?'

So here is my take on the best time to go.  I'll also supply you with a few articles and websites and let you decide what is best for your family.

In My Opinion...

The best times to visit are...

-The first week of January is GREAT!!!  Hold off until the 'peak season' dates have passed and book away.  Most of the Christmas decoration are still up and they are breathtaking.  Also, the crowds are low and the weather is great.

-The same can be said about the first week in February.  I believe (but don't hold me to it, as they change from year to year) that it is a value season s the prices are at their lowest.  

-The first week in May.  (Low crowds, pretty weather, Flower and Garden Festival at Epcot).

-1st and 3rd week in October.  (Food and Wine Festival and Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party- on my must do list!)  I have never visited during this time, but would LOVE to.  However, I have heard great things.

-1st week in November.  Seems to have lower prices, crowd levels and cooler weather.  Again, I have never visited during this time, but for those reasons I would suggest it.

-During a special promotion.  For example, our vacation is booked during Free Dining.  Disney offers great discounts through-out the year.  You just have to do your research.

Don't Believe the Hype...

I have heard SEVERAL times that the first week in December is the best time to visit.

And I'm sure it once was...

Until everyone and their grandma decided to visit during the 'best' week of the year.

Times to Avoid...

-Holidays  (Cons- High prices, high (and pretty miserable) crowd level.)  (Pros- Disney knows how to do holidays.)  If you have never been to Disney World, I would not suggest visiting during a holiday.  The crowds can be very overwhelming.  There is so much to explore at Disney World and it is really hard to do when you wait 30 minutes to 2 hours just to ride rides.

-Spring Break (For obvious reasons)

-Summer  (Hot, hot, hot)

Great Sources of Information

This article breaks down each month into great detail-  Easy WDW

For Free Dining Dates-  Mouse Planet

To check out all Disney World Discounts and Promotions- Mouse Savers

For accounts of people who have been there and done that- The Dis Boards

Happy Planning, Ya'll!!!!

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