Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ready, Set, Here We Go...

It's down to the wire... and I have exactly one suitcase packed.  

I'm telling you, I have been a HUGE packer slacker this trip.

Needless to say, after church we are having a HUGE packing party.

This week I made our travel binder.  

Mapquest has very much been my friend, because we will be making several stops on the way down.
(G informed me that we will be stopping at every Guitar Center from here to Orlando.  Yay.)

For the trip down, I ordered (as requested) Mulan II and Little Mermaid: Back to the Sea from Netflix.  We also borrowed Sleeping Beauty from a friend.  Belle has never seen it.

My sister bought a few Small World activity books and I am crazy in love with them.

As for Evie- another friend is letting us borrow a portable DVD player and the whole set of Baby Einstein DVD's.  Other than that, my fingers are crossed.  I am hoping she gets a few good naps in on our big travel day.

We will be gone for about two weeks! (We have the option of staying longer, but we are going to see how we are feeling.) I'm bringing my laptop so hopefully I'll be able to update at some point.

Ta Ta For Now...


  1. Yay! CANNOT WAIT TO SEE YOU ALL!! :) Also, those Small World books look adorable!