Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Days Away...

This weekend we found ourselves doing the single digits dance...

Ariel is fully clothed and  we are now adding lace to her dress, followed by a crown and a sash. 

I am such a slacker about getting ready for this trip.

The weather has been murky and humid and honestly...  all I really want to do is sit around in my jammies and read Disney dining reviews.  Haha! 

Can someone send the packing/cleaning fairy to my house?

I purchased a few trip items from Hobby Lobby.  Ribbon is on sale this week, so I'm making a few hair bows for the girls.  (Of course, I forgot to take pictures.)  I refurbished one of Belle's old Minnie bows by sticking a monogrammed 'E' in the middle.  (For Evie, of course.) 

I am excited about the girl's Cali Grill dresses.  Belle already had a Peter Pan smock and it matches nicely with Evie's new Rapunzel smock.  I think they are going to look so sweet together.

Belle has been 'getting in to character' and planning out what she will say to each princess.  She wants to bring a frying pan to show Rapunzel.  Haha!
A few weeks ago I cleaned out Evie's room and found a surplus of brand new white onesies.  Lucky for me, my best friend sews and offered to put a few outfits together for Evie.  They turned out great!

Oh, and in planning news...  we canceled out Chef Mickey ADR.

I realized that it would cost us over $100 to eat breakfast... at a buffet, no less.  I can think of several other ways I would like to spend $100 a Disney World.  (Sorry, Mickey!  We will see you at O'Hana.)

We did make an extra ADR at 50's Prime Time Cafe' during out trip, too.  The fried chicken sounds divine!

We've got a pretty packed schedule until we depart next week.  Time is going to fly by!

Disney World, Here We Come!!!!


  1. The girls' smock dresses are adorable. And I just love Evie's new onesies! Your family is going to have the greatest trip. :)

  2. Those little onesies are so sweet! I'm so excited for you guys!! We are almost ready to start planning Cole's first trip (probably in Sept/Oct). We ate at 50's Prime Time in 2010 and I had the fried chicken....delicious!! But, don't forget to eat your veggies too. I didn't want to "get in trouble", so I made sure I ate up all of my green beans. :)