Monday, January 16, 2012

Another Week Closer...

Getting closer...

This week I'will be finalizing our vacation wardrobe, making bows and starting our travel binder.  

My style has definitely changed since I've become a stay at home mom.  I am much more casual these days and rarely shop for clothes.  I almost felt awkward as I searched the web for a few cute tops for this trip.

I did find this Minnie-inspire top at Forever 21.  I am very much on a Forever 21 budget these days, so it was a perfect purchase.  I think I will pair it with my dark skinny jeans, black flats and a sleek ponytail.

I ordered Evie a few smocked outfits. 

Belle is my trendy girl and Evie is my smock baby.  (She melts my heart in classic looking outfits.)

I was super excited to find great deals on these outfits-

This dress is Rapunzel, Pascal and Maximus.  

 This outfit has a princess and a frog on it.  I am choosing this rather than a custom Evangeline outfit.  I wanted her to be comfortable and I know that she would get more wear out of this.

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