Thursday, January 12, 2012

Trippin' Thursday... Down Day & The Missing Poodle

Day 4 was our rest day. We had hit the Magic Kingdom pretty hard the day before and everyone was still a little traumatized from the parade.

We slept until Belle woke, let her dress herself and headed out to Downtown Disney.

That morning we took our own car since we were so close to DTD. We loaded Belle up and then I realized I had forgotten something in the room. When I opened the door to our room Mousekeeping was inside changing out our sheets. She seemed to be embarrassed by my catching her and starting working swiftly. I didn't think anything of it and grabbed what I needed and headed back to the car.

We had a late breakfast at Wolfgang Puck Express. I've always wanted to try breakfast there. The menu sounded amazing! It did not disappoint!!!

My breakfast- Crispy Cornflake French Toast. Wow!!! That's all I can say...

Gregg's Breakfast- Smoked Bacon Pizza. Mine was the clear winner, but his pizza was very good, too.
We took a stroll around DTD and let Belle pick out a new costume. She picked Alice's dress. (I'm pretty sure it was because Alice had been so kind to her at the parade the night before. The dress all but swallowed her, but that just means she will be able to wear it for a few years. It's her favorite 'twirly' dress.)
There was no real plan or goal for that afternoon. We were hoping to ride the Nemo ride, but it didn't happen. We did hope on Spaceship Earth (with lots of bribery and a sucker) and she liked it fine enough. I was in "we came all the way to Disney World and dead-gummit I'm going to ride Spaceship Earth' mode. Yikes!
I take this picture every single time I ride.

We hit up Club Cool next for the 'Beverly test'. (Beverly is a very, very yucky drink. Anytime you are with a Disney newbie, you trick them into tasting Beverly and then snap a picture at their reaction.)
Except Belle loved Beverly. "Yum, mama!"

Alice was out in England so we got in line. It was a very cute meeting.

We watched a show in Japan and took a picture with the storyteller. She was so cute!
Belle and Daddy danced through America...
I snapped some photo's in Germany. This miniature town never ceases to amaze me.

We caught an acrobatics show in China.

Snapped our ONLY family photo of the trip.

And met Mulan for the first time.

Belle was in love with her Daddy that afternoon.

We stopped for dinner at Tangerine Cafe. It's one of our favorite counter service meals.

Gregg let me ride Maelstrom while he and Belle played with the troll. I was very surprised to find her playing with a troll after all of our issues that trip. Gregg explained that she thought it was an elephant and he wasn't going to tell her any different. So we had a good ole' fashioned Norwegian battle with the elephant. And we won!

Our last stop was China where we did alot of window shopping.
And again, found ourselves convincing Belle that she did not need more handbags....

When we got home that night, we noticed that someone special was missing....
We couldn't find poor Poodie anywhere. Since we were all so exhausted, Belle didn't put up a fight about Poodie that night and I didn't think too hard on the matter.
Poodie Saga- To Be Continued.....

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  1. I'm all caught up now! I've loved reading about your plans and re-reading about your last trip. This is going to be SUCH an amazing time for your family.