Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Trippin' Tuesday... Belle + Yoda

It was our last afternoon in Disney World and we were slowly winding down from vacation-mode. I spent the afternoon doing laundry, while Belle and Gregg rested in the room. I actually enjoyed doing laundry on vacation, it gave me time to hang out by the pool and I didn't have to worry about it when we returned home.

We wanted to take a few more pictures at the resort before we left, so we all met downstairs.

Returning to the room for a costume change....
We very much in the mood for a relaxing evening and good food so we took a boat ride to Downtown Disney. (I love this ride from Port Orleans to DTD!!!)

We did a little shopping...

And then we found Yoda...

How could you not love Yoda?
Belle kept hopping out of her stroller, so Gregg placed Yoda inside.
She FREAKED out!!!!
And still loathes Yoda to this day. Poor Yoda!!! (Gregg has a Star Wars shirt and when she sees him wearing it she makes him turn it inside out so she doesn't have to look at Yoda.)

Not wanting to traumatize our child further, we decided it was time for dinner at Wolf Gang Puck Express. I had the meatloaf and Gregg had the salmon. It was a fantastic meal!

With sad hearts and a sleepy little girl, we made our way back to Port Orleans.

On the walk back to our room we found the room we Honeymooned in. It really made us think about how much life had changed in four years. I don't think we ever imagined we would be standing in front of that room 4 years later (almost to the date) on our little girl's 3rd birthday.

The next morning we packed up and drove home.

Final thoughts (with an update)-

-We were both shocked and saddened by Belle's fear of the rides. She really enjoyed the outside rides, but freaked out on anything inside.  Now that Belle has been diagnosed with SPD this makes so much sense.  Bless her heart, her brain could not process all of lights and sounds.

-It seemed as though we didn't do much on this trip (since we hardly rode anything), but it was nice to just take it easy and slow.

-As long as I live, I will never regret this trip, simply because of all of the great character meet and greets.
And for having the opportunity to do this with her as an only child.  I am so thankful for that.

-I do believe that my child will have memories from this trip, despite what other people think. She still remembers so much, even to this day.

-Disney with a child is very different from Disney with adults. If you are a Disney lover, try and plan a trip for just you and your spouse. There are so many wonderful things for adults. It's not just for kids!

-I know it's terrible, but we still laugh about Yoda.  And Belle is finally warming up to him...  I really hope he is still in that store.

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