Thursday, January 19, 2012

Trippin' Thursday... Animal Kingdom Part 2 & More Poodle Drama

We hopped back onto the train and headed back towards Africa.

On the way back we passed three really cool huts. I tried to get a good picture but the train ride was very bumpy.
We made it just in time for our reservation at Yak &Yeti, our 2nd favorite restaurant in 'the world'. It's decorated so beautifully and the food is great. We love feeling like we've been swept away to another place. (They also have yummy pot sticker's. I get them pan seared at Yak &Yeti.) 

For lunch we had the ribs (which literally feel right off of the bone), the steak and shrimp with fried rice, a slice of mango cheesecake and the cream cheese won ton's. (Oops! Accidentally erased the won ton picture. You can google it if you are really interested. There are lots of pictures of Disney food out there!)

If you happen to eat at Yack & Yeto (which you should), these are some of the best items on the menu.

Our fortunes were hilarious to us.



So true. So true. (At least Belle and Gregg's....)

We made our way back to Africa and Belle enjoyed the big drums before we took a safari ride.
I won't bore you with all of our pictures, but I will show you my two favorite friends.
Our next stop was the Pangini Forrest Trail. During our walk Belle found a 'nature stick' and insisted on carrying it the whole way.

We love watching the fish.

She used her stick to try and catch the pretty fish.
And the animal who totally makes our trip each time....
That was our last stop. On the way out of the park Gregg threw away the 'nature stick'. It made for major drama. It was definitely nap time.

After a good long nap we decided to cancel out dinner plans at Epcot and stay a little closer to home for the evening. We were able to get reservations at Boatright's, Riverside's table service restaurant and so we headed over that way to explore.

Gregg found a new 'nature stick' for Belle. Hooray!
Boatright's ended up being a really cool place. The food was great and we felt so at home. We even made a point to tell the manager that we are Louisiana/Mississippi people and that the food was spot on. She was so excited!
I love this picture of Gregg and Belle.
Since the sun hadn't quite gone down for the evening, we decided to play on the playground for a while.

Poodie Drama Continued:

When we returned to the room it became evident that Poodie was gone. I realized that the maid must have taken Poodie in the sheets when she was cleaning the day before. Without letting Belle know, I went down to guest services to see if Poodie had been returned. Sadly, they hadn't seen her and genuinely felt bad about it. 

A sweet cast member with an Australian accent went into the gift shop and came back with Eyeore and a balloon to make up for Poodie's absence.

Back in the room we explained to Belle that Poodie was gone and we thought that maybe she had gone to live with her mama on the 'Small World' ride. A great explanation for an almost 3 year old. :)

Eyeore was welcomed into the family that night and is still very loved to this day.

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