Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Planning, Planning, Planning...

The coutdown is on!

Now that Belle knows about the trip, I am in full on planning mode.

-I've booked our hotel for the trip down.

-Rented a double stroller from Orlando Stroller Rental

-Ordered a few 'Disney Outfits'...  there is a little shopaholic left in me.  (Mostly for the girls.  With two growing girls, I just don't really shop for myself these days.)

-Researched and ordered some in the car entertainment for Belle.

-Can't get off the Dis!!!

I suppose I should mention our Day 5 plans...

We have a breakfast ADR at O'Hana.  Belle can't wait to meet Lilo and Stitch and it's a meal we've never done.

Other than that... 

you guessed it...

we don't know...

I'm getting a little antsy about traveling with a baby...  and the more I think about our barely there schedule, the better I feel.

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