Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Totally Trippin' Tuesday... Let the Birthday Festivites Begin...

Our 2nd to last day! I'm sad just writing about it!

The only plan we had for Day 6 was a special birthday dinner for Belle. Since it was officially her birthday-eve, we let her choose. She hadn't had a chance to wear her Mulan costume yet so she chose to dress up like my favorite princess and go to China to hang out with her again.

One of my very favorite pictures from our trip!
(Notice Eyeore was invited that day...)

It was late in the morning so we decided to head to The Land to pick up fast passes for Soarin' and to ride Living with the Land.

We begged Belle to ride Living with the Land. It's a semi-boring ride about taking care of 'the land''/the Earth.

She protested the ride. She told us that there would be alligators. We assured her there would not be.

Well, guess what? 

The very first scene we entered was chalk full of nasty looking Nile crocodiles. Awesome! Gregg and I looked at each other and agreed that Disney loves alligators way too much.

I do love the inside of The Land Pavilion.

We also found Tinkerbell's Fairy Garden. It was beautiful!

We took a potty break and I snapped a really cute picture of my girl. (BTW... pre-parenting I thought the backpack leashes were cruel, but Belle actually loved her monkey during the trip. She would ask to wear it.)
When we got to The World Showcase Mulan wasn't out greeting, so we went to Norway to try the much talked about School Bread. We weren't very impressed.

We wasted time by watching the movie in the China Pavilion and it was great! A first for us all.

After the movie, Mulan was out and waiting....

She loved seeing a little girl dressed just like her.
A child after my own heart. We love you, Mulan!

A quick stop in France for a photo-op.
We were showing off all of our artwork...
We decided to explore England a bit.This is Mary Poppin's carpet bag. Apparently she drinks Dr. Pepper.
Belle found a big Eyeore and put her baby Eyeore next to it. Awe....
We sat in the courtyard and enjoyed fish and chips while Belle played.

Poodie Drama:  A Happy Ending

When we returned to the room that afternoon, Poodie had come home! We were thrilled!

Poodie and Eyeore fell in love right away. They are still best friends to this day.

That night was Belle's birthday dinner. The location was a surprise for her.

We chose...

This was her reaction...
And why wouldn't it be?

At the end of the meal she received a cupcake.
Mickey came over to wish her 'Happy Birthday' and Gregg totally stuck his arm in the middle of the picture. Thanks, Gregg! ;)

She really enjoyed the cupcake...
Happy Birthday, Belle!!!

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