Thursday, January 5, 2012

Totally Trippin' Thursday... Hollywood & Royal Ladies

Disney Day 2
We were up super early for our first full day at Disney World. So early that the 'streetlights' were still shining bright up and down the streets of Port Orleans.

We made it to 'rope drop' or park opening at Hollywood Studios. There is a great coffee and pastry shop called "Starring Rolls', so we had breakfast there. Belle got a complimentary cookie for her birthday.

Our plans for the day were simply to take Belle to shows, but Gregg wanted to ride something while the lines were short.

We waited on the side of The Great Movie Ride for nearly an hour while he rode. Belle was getting extremely bored and anxious. We had a great surprise by Minnie Mouse, who found us hiding on the side of the fountain. Belle had about 5 minutes of uninterrupted Minnie Play Time. It was priceless! (In case you've never been to Disney, things like that do not normally happen. You are usually part of a long line an fairly rushed to meet the characters. I chose not to snap any pictures, because I didn't want to scare Minnie away.)

The two shows we saw were Playhouse Disney Live and Beauty and the Beast. I had such high hopes for Beauty and the Beast. It was my show when I worked at MGM and I'm always so happy to be back. I have the hardest time not busting out the choreography from my seat. Sadly for us, she was terrified by Beast and we had to leave.

Gregg and I got lots of hugs and kisses during lunch.
And we posed for one quick picture before heading back for nap time.

Gregg and I worked out a system, which I highly recommend for Disney trips with young children- one of us stayed back for nap time, while the other hit the pool for some downtime. It worked out fabulous for us and we came back feeling very refreshed.

That night we had a princess dinner at Akershus in Epcot.

Little Belle was not excited to meet Big Belle after being so scared at the show.

She cheered up quickly when she saw the other princesses.

Our Akershus Review
Gregg and I had breakfast at Akershus in 2009. We both agreed it was fair, but we knew we had to take Belle back to meet the princesses. We decided to give dinner a try and were totally blown away by it. No kidding, it was the 2nd best meal we had the entire trip.... and that's saying a lot. We had a fabulous time!

Also, we love the Norway Pavilion in the World Showcase. (Which is were Akershus can be found.)

The first time Gregg met my grandpa it went like this-
Gregg: Hi, I'm Gregg. Nice to meet you.
Grandpa: Are you Norwegian?

Yes, we feel very at home in Norway.

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