Thursday, January 26, 2012

Trippin' Thursday... Princesspalooza 2010

Sadly, it was our last day at Disney. It was also Belle's 3rd Birthday.

I had a very special morning planned for her, which started way too early and resulted in a not-so-excited birthday girl. (Or Daddy for that matter, so we left him behind to rest a little more.)

Belle was dressed in my little sister's Cinderella smock. The dress is more than 20 years old and still in great condition. I'm so thankful that my mom kept our smocks.  (It was a shame that I had my camera on the wrong setting and got nasty looking pictures.)

Totally not in the mood for pictures....

But her mood changed quickly when we arrived at the Bippidi Boppidi Boutique.

Upon arrival, Belle was shown every princess gown and accessory and told to choose a princess. She chose Jasmine, but had already been warned by Daddy that Jasmine was a no-go. Her next choice was Cinderella and I was thrilled because we would be dining in her castle a few hours later. (Plus, Belle looks so beautiful in baby blue. I couldn't wait to see her all dressed up.)

A few minutes later, she was called back to her dressing room.

Then she met her fairy godmother and started to get beautified.

This picture makes me laugh! She's receiving a sprinkle of pixie dust.

She loved getting her nails done.
Announcing Princess Belle.....
At the end they turned her around to face the mirror. I didn't get a picture of that because I was filming it. Her reaction was priceless. She felt so lovely.

Then.... as if it couldn't get any better.... she was off to a photo shoot at Castle Couture.

Gregg had arrived by that point and I was really glad that he wasn't missing his little super-model in action.

This will forever be one of my favorite memories of Belle.  She LOVED herself!  America's Next Top Model had nothing on her.  She was really working the camera.
I took a potty break and had to snap a picture of the bathroom entrance. I could use a sign like that at home. (Tricia, this is the point that we missed each other by seconds...)
I returned to find the King and Princess ready for breakfast. I cannot even begin to describe the joy in my heart when I saw my husband carrying a tiny Cinderella through the Magic Kingdom. This picture is so special to me.
One of my favorite experiences has always been breakfast at Cinderella's Royal Table. Gregg and I went on our Honeymoon and he even enjoyed it. This time we found that the menu had changed and that was very disappointing for me. However, the birthday girl was BESIDE HERSELF and that was all that mattered to us.

So many princesses, so little time.

I love that the last princess to love on my Belle... was Belle.

After breakfast, we were all exhausted and ready for very long naps. I really felt like we ended things on a good note, so we decided not to visit any more parks that day. I can't imagine a more perfect treat for Belle's 3rd Birthday. Year 3 has been been all about princess things and I'm so grateful that we were able to give her that experience.


  1. How fun! She looks like she was in Heaven! How creative for you to think of all that! Was it hard to set it all up?

  2. Not at all. You can book it all through Disney dining. The BBB is right next to the restaurant, so it was very easy.

  3. You guys are adorable! Your daughter is precious. So glad that she had such an amazing birthday!! ;)

    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings