Saturday, November 10, 2012

Good Morning, Grumpy Alice.

It was another cool February morning.
Evie was feeling good, but 'Alic'e Belle was not.
She had come down with a serious case of the grumpies.

I don't know if you've noticed, but she brought a baby to the park every day.  (She is still so into baby dolls and she takes one every where we go.  In fact, the above baby just took a trip to the grocery store.)

Can we get a smile, girls???

At least we had one happy child.

We started the morning by grabbing 'breakfast' at Sunshine Seasons and picking up fast passes for Soarin' in The Land.

I've read so many wonderful reviews about the strawberry shortcake there. Sadly,  I wasn't all that impressed.

We also shared a heaping plate of breakfast potatoes.  They were really good.

These are just two of the many items you can get for a snack credit on the dining plan.
Belle asked to visit The Universe of Energy next.

The Figment ride is a ride for the senses and it was almost too much for Gregg and myself- we knew there was NO WAY we would allow her to ride that.  I did think that both girls would enjoy the leaping fountains so we decided to head that way.

Moods were starting to improve.  Is that a smile I see???

Belle took off into the pavillion and we decided to let her explore and see what she thought.

It was pretty loud inside, but it didn't seem to bother her.  Right away she went to a computer and started to create her own 'Figment'.

She named her final product 'Lovegood'.  (We watched the Harry Potter series over Christmas break.  She liked Luna.)

There was an area where you could jump around from square to square and they would light up different colors.  (I probably could have explained that better, but my brain is still recovering from pregnancy.)

She had a blast!  It was so worth the trip and I can't wait to bring Evie back to do it, too.

She also had fun conducting her own orchestra. 

It's hard to see in the picture, but when you wave your arms between the bars it makes music. Gregg was outside with Evie (nap time) and missed that, but I think he would have had fun doing that with Belle.
We were all getting pretty hungry after such a small breakfast and were very ready for lunch under the sea...


  1. So glad you're doing updates on this again! :) Evie is so cute with her big smile, and Belle looks so sweet in that pic by the fountains. Sounds like a fun morning with Figment!

  2. how fun...seems like the best way to learn !!