Friday, November 2, 2012

Mommy Daughter Magic Kingdom Date

I was heartbroken over Evie.  All of our plans were quickly flying out the window.

Looking on the bright side, however, I was stoked to take Belle to the Magic Kingdom all by myself.

When I was a young lass working for Disney, I never thought the day would come that I would return home.  I imagined spending many fun days strolling around the Magic Kingdom- just my daughter and me.  It was really a dream come true.

As I've mentioned in previous posts, a cold front surprised Florida that week.  I had been checking the weather religiously, but things can always change quickly.  Wardrobe-wise we were not prepared for 30 degree weather.  We had to buy Belle a sweatshirt and I happened to find one stored in the trunk of my car. We mixed with blue jeans, random shirts and our boots. We looked like a HOT MESS, but we were warm.

Our morning started off with a stop to the food court.  I instantly fell in love with these cinnamon buns and had one every day for the rest of the trip.  Belle had a cup of fruit.  Each were one snack credit.  (I love being able to use a snack credit on breakfast.)

We arrived to an almost empty Magic Kingdom and Belle asked to ride 'Small World'.

She needed to check on Poodie's mama.

Poodie is Belle's beloved stuffed poodle who has been to Disney World twice.  On our last trip Mousekeeping accidentally took Poodie away while they were changing the sheets.  Belle was devastated and we told her that Poodie had gone to visit his mom on the Small World ride.

Thankfully Poodie was returned safe and sound.

I probably have a million pictures from this ride, but each time I always find a new piece to photograph.  I love this ride!

Next up was the carousel.  On Belle's first trip it was the only ride she enjoyed.  Whew!  So glad that is over. 

We decided to stroll through Adventureland and it was hoppin' with characters.  Since it was early in the day there were hardly any lines.  (Good tip-take a morning to do meet and greets.  There was a really cool selection of characters, as well.  Prince Eric was out with Ariel that morning.)

Okay, so it's time for a disappointing moment in the lives of Belle and her mama....

It's no secret that we are huge Tinkerbell fans in this house.  Even though she's almost six, we still call Belle 'Tink'.  We have every movie and more Tinkerbell pajamas and costumes than should be allowed.

Our favorite fairy, other than Tink, is Rosetta.  She's also the only fairy we had not met at that point.

We love her personality and southern accent.

We were thrilled to find out that she was in Pixie Hollow that morning.


She was about as Rosetta-like as Cinderella's horses.  No resemblance and no southern drawl.  She wasn't that friendly either.

I seriously think that is the moment when Belle realized that the characters were really just ladies in a costume.  :(

(On a happy note, Belle wants to be one of those ladies when she grows up.)

Tinkerbell was sweet, but not very chatty.

Belle really wanted to see the Tikee Room, since we love the song.  It was pretty boring, so we left early.

Our tummies were hungry for 'grub and grog' so we decided to check out Tortuga Tavern.

We were a bit early and some sweet ladies offered to take pictures of us.

One of my favorite moments occurred in Tortuga Tavern.

We had the sweetest cast member assisting us with ordering.  In great detail she explained the menu to us.  (It's pretty much Tex-Mex, so we just nodded and smiled.)

Belle asked for an order of rice and beans.  She bent down to Belle and said, "Oh sweetie, you don't want to eat that.  You would like a quesadilla better.  It's like bread and cheese."

I chuckled and let her know that we live on the border of Texas and Louisiana.  Beans and rice are a staple in our diet.

We also split a beef taco.  There is a toppings bar and you can make it your own.  It was pretty good!  (Tip time- they are HUGE!  You can easily split them between two adults.)

We really enjoyed the scenery and took our time eating and visiting.

Next up- Belle finds her favorite corner of the kingdom, a visit with Emma and our 3rd attempt at California Grill.  Will we make it???

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