Thursday, December 29, 2011

Trippin' Thursday... Disney Travels and Day 1

To keep all things Disney in one place, I'm going to re-post 2010 trip here.

Life is a Highway

We visited Walt Disney World last April. It was Gregg's 3rd trip and Belle's 1st and I don't even count myself, because I spent the latter years of my teen life working for the mouse at MGM Studios. I am an old Disney pro....

I am a big chicken and wasn't ready to stick my baby girl on an airplane. This meant that we made the 14 hour drive to Orlando and stretched it out over 3 days. I wanted to take it slow...

We left on a Thursday evening and drove to Hattiesburg, Ms.

Shout-out to Foxy and Papa (my grandparents, who live in Start, La.)
Crossing the Great Mississippi.

On Friday, we woke up early and drove back into Louisiana (thanks to my awesome navigating skillz) and then headed back through Mississippi and finally into Alabama. Gregg and I both have such fond memories of driving through 'the tunnel'. Unfortunately, Belle slept through her first tunnel experience.

We made it to Florida an hour and 1/2 behind schedule. (Whoops...) We were in for a long day of driving. That evening we arrived in Ocala, Fl where we spent the night at the Hilton.

We woke up SUPER early on Saturday morning and drove the final hour and 1/2 to Disney World!
Belle was all decked out in her Disney apparel.

We were giddy when we arrived at our resort. It was only 9:30 am.

We went straight to our rooms to unpack....

And jump on the beds....

And then we were Magic Kingdom bound!!!!

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